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3.1 Hot key (Keyboard Shortcut)

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Hot key or keyboard shortcut is a key combination you can press on the keyboard to execute a macro

To set a hot key, go to Run macro by... section in the macro editor and click +Hotkey:


A new hot key prompt will appear:


Click to the prompt line and press a desired hot key on you keyboard, for example:

Ctrl + Shift + Alt + H

Hot Keyboard reflects the hot key:


Once you click OK and then close Hot Keyboard window, your macro will be executed upon Ctrl+Shift+Alt+H


1. You can set several hot keys to execute a macro, simply click +Hotkey an appropriate number of times


2. Multimedia keys such as Play/Pause, Volume Up/Down, Stop, Browser and others are supported

3. To verify Hot Keyboard supports a key - click on a hot key prompt and press the key

The following keys can be used as modifiers: Shift Ctrl Alt winkey.gif so you can set:

winkey-big-keys.gif + T
Alt + A
Ctrl + winkey-big-keys.gif + T
Ctrl + Alt + winkey-big-keys.gif + T
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + winkey-big-keys.gif + T

4. Of course, you can use no modifiers:


5. It is not recommended to set macros to Ctrl+Break, Ctrl+Alt+Delete, Ctrl+Shift+Escape as they are reserved by Windows, however, you can override them with Hot Keyboard

Windows hot keys

6. Here is a list of several Windows built-in hot keys for your reference, you can override the most of them with Hot Keyboard, if needed

Some combinations may do not work on all Windows versions

  • Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert - copy selection to the clipboard
  • Ctrl+X or Ctrl+Delete - cut selection to the clipboard
  • Ctrl+V or Shift+Insert - paste selection from the clipboard
  • winkey.gif+M - minimize all windows
  • winkey.gif+Left, winkey.gif+Right - adjust window to the left/right
  • winkey.gif+D - go to Desktop
  • winkey.gif+E - run Explorer
  • winkey.gif+R - open Run... prompt
  • winkey.gif+H - open Share
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