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6.x Branch ( Windows 7/8/10 32/64 )

Hot Keyboard 6.6.118 (the latest version) Download (2.7 Mb) What's new in 6.6.118

5.x Branch ( Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 )

Hot Keyboard 5.3 Download (2.7 Mb) What's new

4.x Branch ( Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP )

Hot Keyboard 4.5 Download (2.7 Mb) What's new

3.x Branch (Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 32/64)

Hot Keyboard 3.3* Download (2.7 Mb) What's new
Hot Keyboard 3.3 English Portable** Download (1.6 Mb)  
Hot Keyboard Network Suite*** Download (2.7 Mb) What is HK server...

* contains Chinese Simplified, Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian and Slovak languages.
**You need this version only if you are using Portable Application Suite. Otherwise standard Hot Keyboard Pro can be copied to a flash drive and run from there without installation. Read more here.
***Hot Keyboard Network Suite contains Hot Keyboard Pro 6.6.118 and Hot Keyboard Server in one single distribution. Hot Keyboard server is intended for network use only. More details....
Hot Keyboard upgrade notice

Hot Keyboard 3.x is a paid upgrade for Hot Keyboard 2.x users. To buy an upgrade, please go to the order page.

Hot Keyboard 3.x can be installed over the old version. If you decide to uninstall Hot Keyboard 3.x and revert to the previous version later, all your settings and macros will be reverted to the moment when you install Hot Keyboard 3.x.

If you are a Hot Keyboard 2.x user, but you are not entitled for a free upgrade, you can download and evalute Hot Keyboard 3.x during 14-day trial period.

1.x and 2.x Branch (Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000, 32 bit only)

Hot Keyboard Pro 2.8 Download (1.5 Mb) Version history
Hot Keyboard Network Suite 2.8* Download (1.5 Mb) What is HK NS...
Hot Keyboard Pro 2.0 English Download (770 Kb) Version history
Hot Keyboard Pro 1.8 English Download (614 Kb) Version history
Hot Keyboard Network Server* Download (400 Kb) What is HK server...

* optional, for network users only. More details....

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