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You need Hot Keyboard Client/Server if...

  • you have several computers connected to a LAN running Hot Keyboard
  • you want to have the same hot keys definitions on various computers
  • your workgroup requires the same macros on each computer
  • you do not want to customize hot keys every time you have to change computer
  • you want to quickly switch to your own hot key set when working on a colleague's computer

How it works

Hot Keyboard Server is a separate application which can be installed on Windows NT/2000 systems as a service. Once installed, Hot Keyboard running on the other computers should be configured to connect to the server and usernames must be configured on the server. As a result, all clients can share and exchange macros.


To configure the server refer to the readme file included with the server application. You can download the server application at

To learn how to connect and configure the client, read the next topics.

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