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Hot Keyboard Internationalization

Non-English users often ask us to create localized versions of Hot Keyboard. We designed a way to provide an ability to translate the Hot Keyboard interface to other languages.

And now we ask you for help. If you feel you match the following criteria:

  • You natively speak a non-English language
  • You speak English
  • You like Hot Keyboard
  • You have experience with using different software
  • You would like to get FREE Hot Keyboard registration and future updates
  • The language you want to translate Hot Keyboard to is not already translated or being translated
- just read the instructions below

Why to translate Hot Keyboard?

There are two main reasons why you may help us to translate Hot Keyboard or Hot Keyboard Reference page:

  1. You will become the registered user of Hot Keyboard (including future updates) or other our software (look below) for FREE!
  2. Your name will be shown in the "About" dialog of Hot Keyboard - every Hot Keyboard user in your country will see it! *
  3. You will help people of you country to use such an excellent award-winning program much more easily!

*(only Hot Keyboard interface translation)

If you are already a Hot Keyboard registered user, you can get one more Hot Keyboard licence or you can become registered user of one of our other products:

How To Translate Hot Keyboard to your language

You may translate Hot Keyboard itself (about 100K of text), Hot Keyboard Quick Reference page (about 10K of text) or both. Please note, that translation of the Quick Reference page is simple, but it requires primary HTML knowledge.

Hot Keyboard localization summary:

Language Program Web page
Czech Minor update! Translate!
Danish Complete Complete
Dutch Update! Complete
English Complete Complete
French Minor update! Complete
German Complete Complete
Italian Complete Translate!
Portuguese (Brazilian) Complete Translate!
Russian Complete Complete
Chinese Simplified Update! Complete
Chinese Traditional Translate! Complete
Slovak Minor update! Complete
Swedish Update! Translate!
Turkish Update! Translate!
Ukrainian Translate! Complete
All others Translate! Translate!

What does it mean?

  • Complete means that Hot Keyboard or Hot Keyboard Quick Reference page has been already completely translated into the corresponding language, i.e. no translation required. You can download localized version of the program or view localized Quick Reference page by clicking on the link above.
  • In progress means that Hot Keyboard or Hot Keyboard Quick Reference page is being translated into the corresponding language, i.e. no translation required. But you cannot download localized version of the program yet.
  • Update! means that previous version of Hot Keyboard or Hot Keyboard Quick Reference page was fully translated into the corresponding language, but current version is not, i.e. update of translation is required.
  • Translate! means that there was no translation into the corresponding language yet, i.e. translation is required.
What you should do:
  1. Check that a complete translation into your language or an update of translation is required (you should see the Update! or Translate! word corresponding to your language in the table above)
  2. Sebmit a request using our contact form, include the language you will translate Hot Keyboard to and some information about yourself (your name, email, address, phone - required to include you in our registered users database). You will get the English text for the Hot Keyboard interface or the English Quick Reference page depending on what you would like to translate.
  3. Download the English version of Hot Keyboard at
  4. Open the English interface text file or the English Quick Reference page in your favorite text editor (e.g., Windows Notepad)
  5. Translate the text strings to your native language (see F.A.Q below)
  6. Save the file with new name and send it back to us
  7. We will check the translation
  8. If the localization was applied correctly, we will post your localized version for public access and send you your registration info

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to translate lines beginning with '#'?
A: No. Lines starting with '#' are comments for your convenience.

Q: I do not understand what the '%$' means. How should I translate it?
A: Leave all the strange symbols unchanged. They have a special meaning for the compiler.

Q: What does the ampersand symbol mean in a string like 'B&utton'?
A: The ampersand means the character following it will be underlined and is used to activate control with the Alt key. For example: Alt+U. When you translate these words, put '&' before the letter that you think is the most convenient for the user to use to activate the control.

Q: How long can be a translated string, is there a limit to its length?
A: No translated string can be longer than 255 symbols.

Feel free to send us your questions!

Thank you!

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