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Any macro can be scheduled!

Hot Keyboard's macro scheduler allows you to run any macro at a specific time. It can widely extend capabilities of standard Windows Scheduler.

To add a macro to the scheduler you must select it in the macro tree and press the "Schedule" button. You will see the "Edit event" dialog:


Schedule parameters:

Schedule task - lets you choose the schedule kind. Available options are:

  • Once - run selected macro only once at a specified time.
  • Daily - run selected macro everyday at a specified time.
  • Weekly - run selected macro on specified days of week. Besides, you can run it once in 2, 3 weeks, etc.
  • Monthly - run selected macro at a specified day of a month. You can also limit months to your own set.
  • Cron format - if you are familiar with Unix-style cron daemon, Hot Keyboard can accept the schedules in cron format.

Start time - here you can specify start time to run the macro at.

Start date - here you can specify start date. Use the "Today" and "Tomorrow" buttons to set corresponding date quickly.

Schedule settings - lets you choose additional schedule settings (if any) depending on selected kind of schedule.

Advanced - you can specify advanced schedule setting here. Press this button to open the "Advanced schedule options" dialog:


Advanced schedule parameters:

End date - check this box if you want to stop executing selected macro after a certain day passes. Note: this option is not available if you set the schedule kind to "Once".

Repeat task - check this box if you want series of executions instead of one shot. You can specify repeat rate and duration or end time.

Note: you can see full textual description of the macro schedule you are editing in the "Current schedules for the task" field.

When you press the "Ok" button, current macro schedule is added to the scheduler and the "Macro Scheduler" dialog appears. Also, you can open this dialog anytime you want by selecting the "Settings", "Scheduler..." menu item.


This dialog displays the list of all scheduled macros. Use the "Change schedule" and "Remove schedule" buttons to edit selected schedule or delete it from the scheduler.

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