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Start using Hot Keyboard

Let's make a simple but useful first macro. This macro will help you type the greeting much faster.

Step 1

Double click on Hot Keyboard icon in the System Tray (bottom right corner of your screen) Hot Keyboard icon to open the Main control window.

Hot Keyboard Main Dialog Window

Click the New macro button to create this macro.

Step 2

You should be seeing this window:

Hot Keyboard New Macro Dialog Window

In the Macro name field type a few words to describe it.
Macro Title

In the "Hot key" field you do not have to type anything. Choose the hot key you want to use to run this new macro and simply press this combination of keys on the keyboard. For example, hold down the Ctrl and Alt buttons and then press "J". You will get something like this:
Hot Key Defenition
(Don't forget to release the Ctrl and Alt buttons). Please note that the "Wake", "Sleep" and "Power" keys cannot be chosen as hotkey or a part of a key combination for any macro.

Hot Keyboard gives you tremendous control of your Windows programs right from your keyboard. In our tutorial we'll choose a simple "Paste a text" action type. (This will enable you to insert any text into virtually any Windows program.)
Choosing an action

Now you can type in the text you want to paste into your documents. We chose "Hello, World!" text, just as an example.
Hello, World!
You have just defined your first macro. Here is a screen shot of a finished macro:
Finished macro

Step 3

Press the OK button to save your macro. To test it, run Notepad or Wordpad or your favorite word processor. Type in some text as you normally would, then press Ctrl+Alt+J and you will see "Hello, World!" typed out for you. You can use this macro in any of your Windows applications including most paint programs (graphic editors).

Step 4

Take a bit of time and define other types of macros to launch a web browser, execute a program, change the sound volume of your computer and others. The time you spend becoming familiar with Hot Keyboard is time well spent. After a short while it will surely become your favorite time saver!

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