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Allow me to introduce you Hot Keyboard!

What is Hot Keyboard
Why Do You Need Hot Keyboard
Hot Keyboard helps in a workgroup too!
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What is Hot Keyboard?

Hot Keyboard is a personal tool that assumes all your repetitive work on the computer! With the help of this program, you can greatly speed up your rate of work. The opening unique possibilities will make your dialogue with a computer easy, natural and pleasant. The computer will start to perform all routine tasks for you, leaving you with more free time! Spend it with fun, while your computer is working!

Would you like to rest with your counterparts? Are you looking for a workgroup productivity solution? Read about Hot Keyboard Network Server

Why Do You Need Hot Keyboard?

Just because it lightens your life! And it is so nice to spend free time!

Have to work on computer a lot of time? Decrease RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) risk. Install Hot Keyboard and feel that you do not have to switch from your mouse to the keyboard and back so often!

With this award-winning application you can:

  • avoid typing the same text again and again (phone numbers, homepage link, addresses, greetings, signatures, ...) in messages, documents, and web forms
  • stop wasting your time on mouse movements searching for the application in a cascade of menus and folders
  • keep your desktop clean (a photo of your dog looks better than 100 icons)
  • control computer sounds instantly from any application (somebody's calling? mute music!)
  • open and close favorite web pages with a single hotkey press
  • manage sound tracks in the computer CD player or even WinAmp MP3 player
  • build a sequence of actions and execute it with a shortcut
  • record keystrokes and play them back a specified number of times
  • keep hotkeys the same on different computers with import/export feature, or even synchronize macros over the network
  • use Hot Keyboard on both old computers and modern ones (Windows 7/8/10 32 or 64bit are supported)
  • look professional using your keyboard efficiently!

Enjoy reading the complete feature list for more opportunities, view screen shots, or download to try first-hand all the previously mentioned advantages.

Hot Keyboard helps in a workgroup too!

Hot Keyboard is a perfect solution for workgroups to synchronize and share macros over the network. For example, you change a text in a macro on a single computer and it is changed across the network instantly. So you can distribute the same hotkeys for any actions over the network.

Keep messages with routine replies such as your prices, FAQ answers, etc. up-to-date on your company support team computers.

Call your counterparts and read together detailed information about Hot Keyboard Server!

How does Hot Keyboard work?

Invisibly! After you create a hotkey, Hot Keyboard hides itself in the system tray and works in the background. When you press a hotkey Hot Keyboard runs the selected macro while remaining invisible.

Lighten your mood! Download Hot Keyboard now! Routine work is not for you!

System requirements

  • Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 or Windows XP.
  • 2 MB of disk space

Feature list

  • Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP support
  • Can automatically insert text into editors and text fields including date/time stamps, text files and more
  • Launch (or activate) programs
  • Quickly open folders
  • Open dialup connections
  • Open URLs (web pages)
  • Control WinAmp
  • Control CD player
  • Operations on windows (minimize/maximize/etc)
  • Instantly activate the screen saver with one keypress
  • Can schedule each macro execution to specific time or times
  • It is possible to run several macros in a sequence
  • Increase/decrease sound volume (you can even create separate controls for CD, MIDI and other devices)
  • Menu organization of hotkeys (lets you define an unlimited number of hotkeys and group them for easier use)
  • Can execute any macro via a desktop shortcut
  • Works in DOS sessions
  • Windows Explorer & Internet Explorer integration
  • Shutdown Windows immediately or on a schedule
  • Lists of windows for each macro where it is specifically enabled or disabled
  • Import/export hotkeys and shortcuts so you can save/retrieve complete sets of macros
  • Fast text insertions via the clipboard
  • Record/playback of your keystrokes and mouse actions
  • Can print defined macros for future reference
  • Speeds of macro playback can be configured
  • Launch applications minimized
  • Hides itself in the system tray
  • Client/Server architecture available to synchronize macros over the network (Pro version only)
  • Setup Wizard will scan your system on install to define first-time macros for you
  • WIN key and multimedia keyboards with extended keys support
  • Each macro can be set to run in specific windows only
  • Macros can be printed for future reference
  • SmartAdd feature adds new macros quickly using the clipboard or highlighted text
  • International versions available

Hot Keyboard Documentation

Complete Hot Keyboard documentation can be found here (English).

Hot Keyboard Screenshots

Click on picture to enlarge.

Hot Keyboard Macro Tree

Hot Keyboard Action Types

Want more screenshots?

Hot Keyboard Download

Latest Version

Hot Keyboard Pro 6.5.114* Download (2.7 Mb)
Hot Keyboard Network Suite** Download (2.7 Mb)

* contains Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Czech, Danish, English, German, Italian, Japan, Russian, Swedish and Turkish languages.
** optional, for network users only.

Previous Versions

Hot Keyboard Pro 2.8 Download (1.5 Mb)
Hot Keyboard Network Suite (2.8)* Download (1.5 Mb)

* optional, for network users only.

Hot Keyboard Order

Note for registered users: to get an upgrade for your registered copy of Hot Keyboard submit a request at support@hot-keyboard.com.

Online Registration

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All major credit cards are supported.
FAX, money orders are accepted.
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Hot Keyboard License price:

Private License$29.95
Upgrade from Hot Keyboard 2.x/3.x/4.x/5.x to 6.x: Private License-30% ($20.97)
Business License$49.95
Five Pack$119.75
Ten Pack$199.50
Twenty Pack$359
Fifty Pack$750
100 Pack$990
200 Pack$1500
500 Pack$3200
1 000 Pack$5000
2 000 Pack$7500
5 000 Pack$9900
Corporate License$14900

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