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Automate Windows with macros
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System requirements

  • Windows 7/8/10 32 or 64bit
  • 3 MB of disk space

Feature list

  • Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP support
  • Can automatically insert text in editors and text fields including date/time stamps, text files and more
  • Launch (or activate) programs
  • Quickly open folders
  • Open dialup connections
  • Open URLs (web pages)
  • Control WinAmp
  • Control CD player
  • Operations on windows (minimize/maximize/etc)
  • Capture screen area to the clipboard or image file
  • Instantly activate the screen saver with one keypress
  • Can schedule each macro execution to specific time or times
  • It is possible to run several macros in a sequence
  • Increase/decrease sound volume (you can even create separate controls for CD, MIDI and other devices)
  • Menu organization of hotkeys (lets you define an unlimited number of hotkeys and group them for easier use)
  • Can execute any macro via a desktop shortcut
  • Works in DOS sessions
  • Windows Explorer & Internet Explorer integration
  • Shutdown Windows immediately or on a schedule
  • Lists of windows for each macro where it is specifically enabled or disabled
  • Import/export hotkeys and shortcuts so you can save/retrieve complete sets of macros
  • Fast text insertions via the clipboard
  • Record/playback of your keystrokes and mouse actions
  • Can print defined macros for future reference
  • Speeds of macro playback can be configured
  • Launch applications minimized
  • Hides itself in the system tray
  • Client/Server architecture available to synchronize macros over the network (Pro version only)
  • Setup Wizard will scan your system on install to define first-time macros for you
  • WIN key and multimedia keyboards with extended keys support
  • Each macro can be set to run in specific windows only
  • Macros can be printed for future reference
  • SmartAdd feature adds new macros quickly using the clipboard or high-lighted text
  • International versions available

Usage examples

  • To insert often used text into your messages, documents, chat dialogs, etc., such as greetings, smilies, date, time, phrases, addresses, URLs and others.
  • To speed up text typing
  • To quickly handle messages with routine replies such as your prices, FAQ answers, etc.  
  • To run an application with one keystroke
  • To run applications on an automatic schedule (backup, defragmentation, download and many more)
  • To easily fill in forms (such as username/password).
  • To quickly increase/decrease sound volume.
  • To speed programmer's typing of standard constructions.
  • To have the same hotkey definitions on all computers over a network.
  • To save you time, so you can work faster and more effectively.

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