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8.3 How to use add delays in macro chain

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This how-to describes the "Delay" action type, which is a helper macro to use in chains

When using macro chains (see How to chain macros and Menu macro type ) it is common that macros are executed too fast, and Windows is not as responsible. For example, when the first macro launches an app and the second adds some text in there, probably it won't work, because Hot Keyboard executes text macro while the app is still launching

So here comes the "Delay" macro that does a simple thing - pauses for amount of time or waits for a specific window to appear.

Example. Open browser and log in to webmail


Menu macro

Set macros to be executed

Open web page

Open a web page

Delay (wait for website to load)

We set to wait for a window title as if we set timer, it could take longer to load the page on slow conneciton

Delay (wait for page to render)

And then we set 2 seconds to wait. Sometimes it takes a bit for browser to display a loaded page.

Type username and password

Password is fake here


  • puts Username to the focus once you open the page, but this may be different for other websites, so you may need to add some ${{ "\t" }} tabs to reach the field.
  • Set Play keys to get tab ${{ "\t" }} and enter ${{ "\n" }} to work. Tab moves focus between fields and enter submits the form.
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