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Use this action type to open a web page in your default web browser.

Action parameters

URL to browse enter the URL (web page address) you want to be opened. You can import Internet Explorer's favorites by clicking the ">" button.


This macro can be used to open telnet, ftp or other internet services by simply specifying the full URL, for example: "telnet://", "", "".

You can use the $(input:) feature to ask the user to enter the URL or a part of it. You can also use the $(selection), $(clipboard), $(input:$selinput) and $(var:...) features. Please refer to the Paste text macro description for more information about their syntax. Example:


Usage ideas:

  • Quickly open your favorite search engine
  • Open your web site statistics page
  • Open to get the latest news and updates to Hot Keyboard
  • You can greatly simplify opening web pages with the $(input:$selinput) feature - all you have to do is to select the desirable URL in any program and press a hot key. On the other hand, if you do not select any text, the standard input dialog brings out so you can enter the desired URL manually.

See also:

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