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This action type lets you control your computer sound volume using hot keys from within any Windows application.

Action Parameters

Volume change - use a numeric value, with the options listed below, to define the sound volume level you'd like to set. Note: the maximum value is 255 and the minimum is 0.


<number> set the volume level to the specified <number>
+<number> increase the volume level by <number>
-<number> decrease the volume level by <number>

* Mute the sound. The difference between * and 0 is that * allows you to restore the sound volume level by pressing the same hot key once more (performs mute/un-mute).

Sound Device - choose the sound device you want to apply the volume change to. MasterVolume means all sound devices.

Usage ideas:

  • Control the sound volume of a CD player using a single hot key
  • Mute/unmute all sounds quickly
  • Put 255 value to "Volume change" set it to the hot key and... do not use this hot key
  • Use hot keys to control the sound volume while playing games! (so you do not have to change the active task)

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