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SmartAdd is an "Internal" action type which provides a fast and convenient way to create a macro. For example, you can highlight some text in any Windows application where text can be highlighted, press a hot key and a new macro using the selected text is created. This can be done for each of the text related action types such as: paste text, launch web browser, execute a program and reminder.

Action parameters

Add to menu - choose the menu you want to add the new macro to. If <default> is set, the macro will be added to the menu associated with that action type. For example, all paste text macros, by default, are put in the "Paste text" menu.
Set action type to - this is the action type you want to assign to the new macro. "Let me choose" will give you a pop-up menu of various action types to choose from.
Use selection instead of clipboard contents - check this if you want SmartAdd to use the highlighted text in the new macro, otherwise the clipboard content will be used.


To create a new macro with empty fields check use selection instead of clipboard contents option and do not select any text before pressing the hot key. This would be used to quickly make a macro unrelated to the text on your screen.

Usage ideas:

  • Put the SmartAdd macro at the top of your menus so you can quickly add new macros
  • Assign Ctrl+Shift+Insert to SmartAdd so you can add text macros by simply highlighting the text and "copying"it
  • Use SmartAdd to create reminders with a single click

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