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This is an extremely useful feature. You can organize groups of macros in dependence upon their type, purpose, function, etc. To access a menu just press its hotkey and select the macro that you need. A macro included in a menu can also have its own hotkey and thus be called directly.

To create a menu, simply create a new macro with the Menu action type. Then you can move existing macros into this menu or create new macros for it. A menu can include any type of macro, even other menus. This organizes your macros into a tree structure.

Beginning with Hot-Keyboard version 2.1 you can execute all macros in the menu in chain with a single hotkey press.

Action Parameters:

Display menu - when you press a hotkey associated with this menu macro, a menu is displayed on the screen and you are able to choose the macro that you need. This is the standard behavior of Hot Keyboard prior to version 2.1.

Create SmartAdd for this menu - normally when you create a new menu macro, it contains a dummy item (because menu cannot exist without items). If you choose this option, the SmartAdd macro will be created instead of the dummy item. This SmartAdd macro will be tuned to add new macros in the menu that you are creating. Please note that this option is available only when you create a new macro. When you press the "OK" button it is turned into the "Display menu" option.

Execute macros in the menu in sequence - this is a new option available in Hot Keyboard since version 2.1. It allows you to execute all macros in the menu in series in the order as they reside when you press a hotkey associated with the menu. You can use the Delay macro (look the Delay macro topic) to add delays between execution of the menu macros. Also you can put one menu macro into another and execute the outward one - in this case the inner menu will be executed as well. Please note that the "SmartAdd" and "Autoreplace" actions does nothing when they are executed as a part of the macros chain.

If you choose the execution of the macros, you can specify a repeat count (Repeat xx times) or instruct the menu macro to repeat forever (the Repeat forever checkbox). In the latter case use "Ctrl-Break" key combination or click on the Hot Keyboard icon in the system tray to stop execution (note, that you can always stop the execution by these means independently of the repeat count).



Usage ideas:

  • Perform complicated tasks that require more than one Hot Keyboard macro by creating a menu and adjusting it to execute all its macros.
  • Put all your passwords into a "Password" menu
  • Group your web bookmarks together
  • Have available your internet programs (browser, email client, news agent, FTP downloader, ICQ etc) in a single menu
  • Make a menu to organize your dialup connections
  • Have a menu of frequently used responses to emails
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