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This macro allows you to execute any other Hot Keyboard macro (including a link to another macro). The main purpose of making such a kind of macro is that you can create one macro and then refer to it anywhere else, but when you change the original macro, your changes instantly affect all macros that refer to it.

Action Parameters:

Macro to run - the full macro name and path (including the menu names where it resides) are shown here. Please note that you cannot edit it directly. Instead, to set a macro that this macro will refer to, click the "..." button located to the right of this field. The macro selection dialog appears:


After you select a macro, its description will be shown to the down of its full name, so you can check that you have selected the right macro.

Usage ideas:

  • If you use Hot Keyboard to automate the login process into different sites where you use the same password, you can create one macro that will simulate password entering and then refer to it everywhere you need this password. So, when you change your password, you will have to correct one single macro only. Also, please note that storing your passwords in Hot Keyboard is not secure, but if you feel that you need it, the Record/Play macro is recommended in favour of the Paste text one (since Paste text macro stores its data as plaintext but the Record/Play one stores keystrokes what makes them difficult to read).
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