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Hot Keyboard as CD Player controller from any Windows App

Sometimes while writing documents, playing a game or reading email it is nice to listen to the CD Player. And, you know how tiring it is to switch away from your application to the CD Player to pause the CD or change to the next track.

Hot Keyboard was designed to help you around this inconvenience. Its 'CD Player' action lets you control the CD Player with hot keys without taking you away from your work.

We've created a set of macros which gives you full control of the CD Player by hot keys.

You can download this set of macros for free at

How To Install

1. Download
2. Open Hot Keyboard's Main Dialog (double-click the icon in the system tray)
3. Choose File | Import From File from the menu
4. In the dialog find the folder containing your newly downloaded cdplayer.hkb.
5. Select cdplayer.hkb and click OK
6. Ensure that you have Num Lock switched OFF

How it works

1. Insert a CD into your CD-ROM drive
2. Hold down the Ctrl and Alt buttons
3. Finally, press the Num 5 button ("5" on your numpad) to play
4. Release the Ctrl and Alt buttons

All key combinations are:

Ctrl+Alt+Num 5 - Play
Ctrl+Alt+Num 1 - Stop
Ctrl+Alt+Num 6 - Next Track
Ctrl+Alt+Num 4 - Previous Track
Ctrl+Alt+Num 3 - Pause/Resume
Ctrl+Alt+Num 9 - Fast Forward
Ctrl+Alt+Num 7 - Rewind
Ctrl+Alt+Num 0 - Eject
Ctrl+Alt+Num 8 - Sound Volume Up
Ctrl+Alt+Num 2 - Sound Volume Down
Ctrl+Alt+Num + - Sound Mute/Unmute

Please note: you can redefine each key by editing the actions in the 'CD Player' menu, which was created using Hot Keyboard's Export function.

If you have any problems using this action set, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Get detailed help on CD Player action type

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