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The previous page mentioned that there are several types of actions you can perform with Hot Keyboard. If you're a novice Windows user we would like to introduce these actions now. Each action can be assigned to a hot key or scheduled to be executed at any time you want.

Action Types Description

Action Type Brief description Manual

Paste text This action type allows you to paste text directly into applications and/or emulate keystrokes. In addition, it is possible to include date/time stamps, entire text files, special symbols and more. Detailed help
Autoreplace text Expands a short string to an entire text. For example, you can set the string "addr" to be expanded to your postal address when you type it in a text editor or email message. Detailed help
Record/Play keystrokes Records a sequence of keystrokes and mouse events to play them back whenever you need to. Detailed help
Open a file Opens specified document or runs specified application. Detailed help
Window manipulations You can close, activate, minimize, maximize, set the position of a window, start the screen saver and even empty the recycle bin. Detailed help
Open a folder Opens a Windows folder. In addition to common folders, this macro can open specific system folders such as "Control panel", "My Computer", "Network Neighborhood", etc. Detailed help
Sound Volume Control Controls the sound volume of your computer. Increase volume or mute through one key press. You can even set separate hot keys to control the CD player volume as well as any other line or your audio card. Detailed help
CD Player Play, stop, eject, fast forward, rewind your computer CD Player with a macro of this type. Detailed help
Control Winamp Allows to control popular Winamp player. Detailed help
Control Windows Media Player Allows to control Windows Media Player. Detailed help
Dial-up networking Starts dialup service to establish an internet or VPN connection. Detailed help
Launch web browser Launches web browser with a specified address (URL) to open. Detailed help
Shutdown Windows In addition to a simple shutdown this action type lets you restart the computer and log on as a different user. Detailed help
Reminder This action type lets you create reminders: messages that appear at specific times you set. Detailed help
Menu Menus are very useful for grouping and organizing your macros. They also let you execute a macro without having to assign a hot key to it (providing a tremendous number of macros) and allow to execute macros in chain. Detailed help
SmartAdd SmartAdd is an "Internal" action type which provides a fast and convenient way to create a macro. For example, you can highlight some text in any Windows application where text can be highlighted, press a hot key and a new macro using the selected text will be created. Detailed help
Delay This macro is specialy designed to be used inside macro chains and allows to add a delay between macro execution. Detailed help
Run another macro This macro allows you to execute any other Hot Keyboard macro. Detailed help
Variable The variable macro defines a variable that has a textual value and can be used inside some other Hot Keyboard macros. Detailed help
Extended replace The extended replace macro is designed to replace currently selected text according to user-defined rules. This type of macro is recommended for advanced users as it can hold very difficult text transformations. Detailed help
Modify a variable This macro allows to modify value of any other variable macro. It provides you with some operations like grab selected text into variable or compute arithmetic expression. Detailed help

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