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Automation Solutions

Hot Keyboard significantly improves speed and accuracy of working on a computer. Our users often ask us to add particular features to make their productivity even better. Besides, many requests are initiated by companies interested in automation of their business processes.

We offer custom automation solutions based on Hot Keyboard shortcut manager. We can update existing features according to your requirements or build a separate version for your company with extensions you need.


  • Short development cycle - in most cases we start working on your task on the same business day
  • No need for detailed specifications - our managers can build detailed task specification based on your brief description and send it for your approval or corrections
  • Low cost services - being located in Eastern Europe we offer low rates for custom development services
  • Reliability - Imposant is a successor of TB Labs, LLC which was founded in 1998 by a group of IT experts. Our experienced developers and advanced testing routines provide reliable solutions.
  • Compatibility - Solutions based on Hot Keyboard work on all Windows versions since Windows 95 (Windows 7/8/10 32/64)

Built solutions

Some of the existing Hot Keyboard features was originally developed as custom solutions but later went public (this also made development cheaper for the customer company).

  • Hot Keyboard Server
    Initial task was to allow manager to create text macros (e.g. you press a hot key and a text is inserted into e-mail editor) and share them among the workgroup. Also, updates of macros should be spreaded immediately with no additional actions. Currently Hot Keyboard Server is a part of Hot Keyboard Network Suite, an advanced productivity solution for workgroups.

  • Variables in text macros
    A company support team asked to add variables to text macros in order to enter specific information (name, e-mail, price) in the standard messages handled by Hot Keyboard.

  • Hidden run
    This feature was requested by Internet cafe administration to make Hot Keyboard run invisible (no tray icon), thus allowing system administrator to perform advanced operations on workstation, while a user cannot access them.

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